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Keep Safe and Stay Dry

The best thing you can do is prep for summer rains. Staying safe and relatively dry is important in summer rains. FAB International offers these tips to make riding in the rain a little more comfortable and a lot safer. Never leave home without good quality rain gear...

Keep Your Engine Performing Optimally

If it's been a while since you bought oil and your only memories are your parents putting conventional oil in your first car, then this is the post for you.  With the changes in engine technology and climate conditions, FAB International in Cuyahoga Falls has...

How to Get Your Car Ready for a Road Trip

Even if you've already gone through your vehicle's summer maintenance checklist, it isn't necessarily prepared to hit the road for a long trip. If you're planning on going on road trip this summer, make sure to get your vehicle thoroughly inspected by a...
Assurance is a keyword before leaving for vacation, and you have to make sure your vehicle is ready to avoid mechanical failures and even accidents. For this reason at FAB International in Cuyahoga Falls, we created the following post containing some ideas that you should perform before your road...
It’s very easy to neglect the care and maintenance that your motorcycle needs, however, you need to perform some chores to keep your machine working perfectly and ensure your safety. The best part is that you don’t to be a professional or have special equipment to perform these tasks. For this...
It’s no secret that you have invested time, money and effort in your muscle car and there are many chores you should carry out to protect your investment. That’s why at FAB International, we created the following post containing useful advice on this important topic. 


You will need a...
Summer is finally here and that means you have to start to pay more attention to your garden. Mowing your lawn is an activity that you will be performing frequently during the upcoming months, and you should have to take good care of your machine to make it more efficient and avoid any costly...

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