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Keep Your Engine Performing Optimally

If it's been a while since you bought oil and your only memories are your parents putting conventional oil in your first car, then this is the post for you.  With the changes in engine technology and climate conditions, FAB International in Cuyahoga Falls has some benefits of synthetic oil to share with you to keep your engine protected during the change of seasons.

The Effects of Heat on Your Engine

When engine temperatures rise your oil becomes susceptible to oxidation, sludge and deposits and with operating temperatures up to 235°F, this oil break down can happen quickly.  While conventional oil has its place in mechanical history, AMSOIL synthetic oils are shown to better resist the formation of deposits throughout your engine. This performance resulted in an 81% increase in engine cleanliness when tested against a conventional oil.

The Challenges That Cold Weather Brings

If you are using conventional oil and live in a regularly cold environment, then it is likely that your oil becomes thick and moves slower throughout your engine. As you start up your engine, this slow movement can result in parts being left unprotected for short period of time.  ComparativelyAMSOIL synthetic oil remains more fluid during cold temperatures allowing it to cover and protect your engine quicker, giving a 36% easier and faster start compared to the tested conventional oil

The Best Synthetic Oil in Cuyahoga Falls for Your Engine

Battling the elements is as easy as speaking with a synthetic oil expert here at FAB International in Cuyahoga Falls on 330 923 8844 about the best oil for your engine. Our online store also has a wealth of information about our range of synthetic oils and lubricants.

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