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Assurance is a keyword before leaving for vacation, and you have to make sure your vehicle is ready to avoid mechanical failures and even accidents. For this reason at FAB International in Cuyahoga Falls, we created the following post containing some ideas that you should perform before your road trip.

Visual Inspection

Open your vehicle's hood and check the condition of your engine. Pay special attention to the oil and coolant levels. Also, examine the condition of the belts and hoses, as the heat can damage them and lead to a breakdown. Don't forget to remove any acidic powder from your battery terminals.

Check Your Tires

It's no secret that the tires have to support the weight of the vehicle and they have to be properly inflated, otherwise your fuel economy may decrease and your car will be more difficult to handle. Follow the specifications in your owner's manual to inflate your tires.

Other Details

There are other details that you shouldn't overlook prior your departure. Check the  lights in your car, whether you are night driving or not. Replace your windshield wipers if needed and don't forget to add washer fluid, so your visibility isn't compromised while you drive. Mowing your lawn is another activity that you will be performing on a regular basis over the summer. Inspect your machine to make sure it's in good condition. Read our guide on how to maintain your lawn mower for more tips.

Synthetic Oil in Cuyahoga Falls

There are many good reasons to choose synthetic oils over conventional ones, as they have a higher viscosity index that will be less affected by extreme temperatures and reduce the formation of sludge that can damage your engine.  If you are looking for synthetic oil in Cuyahoga Falls, think about FAB International for your AMSOIL needs.  Call (800) 874-4827 to place an order.

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