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It’s no secret that you have invested time, money and effort in your muscle car and there are many chores you should carry out to protect your investment. That’s why at FAB International, we created the following post containing useful advice on this important topic. 


You will need a place to store your auto, as the atmospheric conditions can seriously damage it, plus, sunlight can crack the upholstery of your car. If you don’t have an indoor space available, you should invest in a breathable car cover. It’s important that you wash your car frequently to remove any grime and debris that can damage the paint and don’t forget to wax your vehicle. 

Replace the Fuel

If you stored your car during the winter, you should replace the fuel before using it, as old gas can damage your fuel lines and injectors. Also, stale fuel will lose its power after a month, which will make your car less efficient. Keep in mind that you use your car frequently. 

Change the Oil

It’s estimated that you should change the oil every 3000 miles, however this also depends on the usage and the specifications of your vehicle. Remember that oil is responsible for keeping your car cool and it will prevent overheating, so be sure to check it’s levels and quality. 

Your muscle car is an asset and these simple ideas will help you protecting it and extend its life. Also, remember that summer is finally here and you should pay special attention to your lawn, so be sure to read our guide on maintaining your lawn mower to make your machine more efficient.  

Synthetic Oil in Cuyahoga Falls

FAB International has the AMSOIL product you need, as they will protect your engine from the wear and offers you superb viscosity, as opposed to conventional mineral oils. Consider us next time you are looking for synthetic oil in Cuyahoga Falls. To learn more about our products, please call (800) 874-4827.

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