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How to Get Your Car Ready for a Road Trip

Even if you've already gone through your vehicle's summer maintenance checklist, it isn't necessarily prepared to hit the road for a long trip. If you're planning on going on road trip this summer, make sure to get your vehicle thoroughly inspected by a professional at least a week before you plan on hitting the road. Fab International in Cuyahoga Falls can help you be prepared for your trip with some simple suggestions.

Check Your Car's Battery

You may have already taken care of some basic maintenance like adjusting tire pressure, getting an oil change and fixing air conditioning issues, but there are other things that need to get looked at before a trip. Have a professional check your vehicle's battery in order to assure it's in good condition. Keep in mind that a battery will usually last you three to five years. Decide if yours needs replacing before heading out.

Make Sure Your Lights and Signals Work

It is very important that you check all of your vehicle's lights and signals. Consider replacing your headlights if they are dull. This helps you see clearly if you plan on driving at night, especially if you're going through poorly lit areas. Remember to wash your car, or just the windows before you go. This also helps to see the road clearly. Your signals are also important and help guarantee your safety on the road. Make sure other drivers can see you and that your your signals warn them properly if you're braking or changing lanes.

Be Prepared While on the Road

No one expects to have any trouble while on a trip, but it is best to be prepared. Carry an emergency kit in your car just in case something should happen. Your kit should have basic first aid supplies as well as a flashlight, screwdriver and pliers. Be sure you have a spare tire in your car and the equipment to change the tire. Pack some extra car fluids in your trunk just in case you start to run low on any while traveling.

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