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Keep Safe and Stay Dry

The best thing you can do is prep for summer rains. Staying safe and relatively dry is important in summer rains. FAB International offers these tips to make riding in the rain a little more comfortable and a lot safer. Never leave home without good quality rain gear stuffed in your saddlebag, back pack or tank bag. Standard gear includes a raincoat, pants, rubber gloves or covers, waterproof boots or covers and a waterproof mask.

One or Two Piece Suits

Rain gear is meant to be worn over your riding gear. It is oversized and lightweight. One piece suits have a large entry allowing you to step into it quickly with your boots on and zip it up. The two piece option requires you to take off your helmet to put it on (as the top portion is like a pullover unless it zips up). The pull-over style is more resistant to water but far less convenient. A one-piece also takes up more room and are usually more durable. The two piece is a space saver and tends to be constructed of lighter materials.

Cover Exposed Areas

Cover your face and neck. A neoprene face or ski fro anyone who rides with an open face helmet. Fabric or leather gloves will get wet and soggy fast in the rain. Invest in a waterproof pair and for insurance, keep an extra pair.

Riding Boots

Waterproof riding boots is a great way to protect your feet from the inclement weather. Some boots are designed especially for riding in the rain. For extra protection, as long as the manufacturer approves, apply your waterproofing to the jacket, pants, gloves and your boots.

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