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Summer is finally here and that means you have to start to pay more attention to your garden. Mowing your lawn is an activity that you will be performing frequently during the upcoming months, and you should have to take good care of your machine to make it more efficient and avoid any costly repairs. For this reason at AMSOIL FAB International in Cuyahoga Falls, we would like to share useful advice on this important topic. 

Remove the Spark Plug

You should remove your spark plug before start working on your machine, as this device is responsible for starting the engine and you don’t want this to happen while you are inspecting the blade. Also, check its condition and replace it if needed to keep your lawn mower running properly. 

Sharpen the Blade

Remember that you should wear your work gloves while removing the blade and keep in mind that you will need your wrench. You can either use a bench grinder or visit your mower dealer to sharpen the blade. 

Check the Oil

It’s recommended that you change the oil at least once a year and make sure to follow the information in the owner’s manual. Remember that you can recycle your old oil at your local auto parts store, and keep in mind that you should check the oil level before using your machine.

Replace the Fuel

Last but not least, you should empty the fuel tank after a long winter. Remember that gasoline loses volatility after 30 days, which will affect your engine's performance and can also create sediments that damage your machine. These simple ideas will keep your machine in perfect condition which will mean a better performance. If you are having any extra difficulties, you should consult your owner's manual and have an inspection conducted by a professional to pinpoint any problems. 

For Synthetic Oil in Cuyahoga Falls

Choosing synthetic oils is one step towards protecting your small engine, as they extend its life and protect it better at high and low temperatures. If you are looking for synthetic oil in Cuyahoga Falls, you can trust AMSOIL FAB International. Call (800) 874-4827 or visit our website to learn more about our products.

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